Hunted: An Overview

This campaign is set in a modified version of the Forgotten Realms. The realm that is known to the civilized man-races is fairly young. Due to the nature of creation, there are two opposing forces (Order and Chaos) that tint the Material Plane with their conflict. While this “conflict” has raged since before time was recorded (some say even before it began), it is only now that the sentient races have begun to not only become aware of the conflict but also became vested in its outcome.

Shamans and holy-men insist that mankind was created as part of the struggle between Order and Chaos; some say they were made to fight the impending chaos of the wilderness, others insist that their inherent disdain towards restrictions clearly points to mankind being a bastion for freedom (and thus against the forces of order). Meanwhile, the wizards and metamagicists claim that the walking-gods themselves are to blame for the upheaval and should be destroyed! Most of mankind, however, doesn’t really care; they are too busy tending to their day-to-day lives.

But the wilderness grows restless. The already relentless wilds grow increasingly savage, cutting off communication between the main provinces and ravaging all but the hardiest of travelers. And so the story begins.